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9A Quality Double Weft Clip In Human Hair Extensions 8PCS 18Clip Thick Full Head

9A Quality Double Weft Clip In Human Hair Extensions 8PCS 18Clip Thick Full Head

9A Quality Double Weft Clip In Human Hair Extensions 8PCS 18Clip Thick Full Head    9A Quality Double Weft Clip In Human Hair Extensions 8PCS 18Clip Thick Full Head
Clip In Human Hair 1PCS. Clip In Human Hair 8PCS. Clip In Human Hair 8PCS -Double Weft. Clip In Mini Real Hairpiece.

HAIRRO 8A TOP QUALITY HUMAN HAIR. 8PCS Clip In Real Human Hair Extensions (Thick Double Weft Type). 10"-110g, 12"-115g, 14"-120g, 16"-130g, 18"-140g, 20"-150g, 22"-160g, 24"-170g. Two 8(20cm)wide wefts3clips per weft. Two 6"(15cm)wide wefts3clips per weft Two 4"(10cm)wide wefts2clips per weft Two 2(5cm)wide wefts1clips per weft.

Basic Full Head with standard hair: 1 Sets. Thick Full Head with thin hair: 2 Sets. Please control the temperature below 120? Only Light Color can be dyed into darker color. Also, in the same or similar weight, the Long the thinner the hair is.

Avoid making circular rubbing motions. Use organic and sulfate free shampoo. Avoid applying conditioner or any oily hair products to extensions bonds.

Please brush your hair with a wide comb. Please comb your hair from bottom to top. Do a hair treatment at least twice a week. Please Comb the hair before washing. After Washing, please apply much conditioner.

Please use a towel to dry your hair carefully and completely. The hair extensions can ONLY dye to darker color eg. Please Dye 1PCS to test. Please take more caution when you dye the hair or use toning shampoos.

"HAIRRO" is inspired by the Garden Fairy- Fashion and Confident Rosetta who loves to share beauty tips. HAIRRO is is committed to letting every woman know how to look more elegant, energetic, relaxed and gorgeous by the amazing hair extensions. We are always giving priority to the flowing texture of hair extensions, and focus on the softness, smoothness, tenderness and bounciness of hair. Our Mission is to make all women feel confident, beautiful and free. How do I find the right color for me?

We compleately understand it's not easy for you to choose the right color due to the lighting and monitor display. If you want to ensure the color, you can send us at least 3 pictures with. Then we will have a match and get back to you ASAP.

Generally, hair extensions can blend well with your own hair, even though one shade is lighter or darker. It makes a great difference once they're clipped in/On. Is the hair the thick from top to end?

Yes, Our Hair Extensions is Double Drawn End, which means it's Thick From Top To End. How should I brush the hair extensions? Gently brush through your hair extensions to remove tangles. Please comb the end of the hair, then the medium part and last the top part. This will avoid hair tangles. Do not tug or pull tangles excessively or you may experience breakage. Wefts with excessive tangling may require a detangling solution or a deep conditioner. Can I Straighten or curl the hair? You can straighten or curl it as you need. But treat the hair like your own hair. Please never use hot tools too often or with too high tmeperature as it will dry or damage the hair. We suggest all buyers heat the hair extensions. And It will be more friendly to the hair if you can use a heat protectant before perming. How often do you recommend to wash the hair? For Clip-ins, we suggest you wash every 2 weeks if you wear daily, or wash every 3-4 weeks if you wear the hair only for special event. For non-Clip-ins, We recommend wash the hair extensions every 3 or less days. Can I Wash or blow-dry the hair extensions?

(1)It is 100% Real Human Hair. Of course you can wash them. For the shampoo, we suggest all buyers choose. Or that designed for coloured hair.

For hair conditioner, you'd better use the products contain an Aargan/ Hair Oil or using Coconut Oil as a deep conditioner. (2) You Can blow-dry the hair, but we do not recommend you do it too often. We Highly Recommend you let the them dry naturally.

Why Do my hair extensions get tangle? Lack of care, frequent use of styling product and use of harmful products will Make your hair extensions tangle. To Avoid Matted Hair, Please follow the guidline below.

Make sure you moisturize your hair on alternate days. Remind yourself to moisturize your hair extensions from top to bottom, thoroughly. Brush the hair extensions consistently but gently everyday.

Too much as they can make the hair extensions dry and prone to tangles and knots. Use a heat-protectant spray for times when you do happen to use heat styling tools.

>>> We are confident with the quality of our products, but sometimes the package would mislead your view. So, before you decide to return, please take the products out from the package, fully inspect it and place it on your head to see the actual effect. (1)The hair has been worn, used or damaged in any way (2)The hair has been re-styled (Curled/ Straightened/ Dyed/ Bleached).

HAIRRO has the vision that all the women can show their beauty whenever they want. With our hair extensions, all women can be no afraid of expressing themselves.

HAIRRO is always giving priority to the softness, smoothness and bounciness of hair. Taking the brand management as the starting stone, we put strict control on products quality, and insist customer-oriented service concept.

We believe that customers are the inspiration of our motivation and we cherish every feeddback from our customers. If you have any suggestions to our products, we will be very appreciated and take actions to deal with it. If you are satisfied with our productss, please give us full stars for encouragement. You enconragement will be our great motivation to go forward.

9A Quality Double Weft Clip In Human Hair Extensions 8PCS 18Clip Thick Full Head    9A Quality Double Weft Clip In Human Hair Extensions 8PCS 18Clip Thick Full Head